Listed below are some frequently asked questions about the National Library of Ireland:

Does the National Library have a carpark?

We do not have parking facilities for readers. On-street parking in the vicinity of the Library is limited and subject to time restraints. However, there are a number of commercial multistorey carparks in the immediate area including the Setanta Centre and Schoolhouse Lane Carpark.

Is the Library building wheelchair accessible?

The Library’s main Reading Room, exhibition area, seminar room and caf  are all wheelchair accessible. The Reading Room, the exhibition area and the shop in the National Photographic Archive are also wheelchair accessible.

Do you lend books?

The National Library of Ireland is a research library, not a lending library. Readers must consult Library material in one of our Reading Rooms.

Can I order a copy of the front-page of a newspaper as an anniversary or birthday gift?

It is possible to order a copy of any page from a newspaper, ?including the front page as??a gift. Please see our Copying Services page for information on?placing an order and a list of prices.

Can I obtain National Library of Ireland material via the Inter-Library Loan Scheme?

The National Library does not loan material via the Inter-Library Loan Scheme. However, subject to certain conditions, we can provide photocopies of certain material under the Scheme.

Do you hold copies of old newspapers?

The Library holds complete files of most Irish newspapers. Details our holdings can be found on the NEWSPLAN database which is accessible on this site.

Are last week’s newspapers available to read in the reading room?

Newspapers and other periodical literature may not be immediately available to readers after date of publication. Please consult our online catalogue and newspaper database for the most up to date issue available for consultation in either hardcopy or microfilm surrogate format. If in doubt, a member of staff will be happy to advise.

Why is the newspaper I need only available in microfilm?

Newspapers are fragile because they are printed on poor quality paper which degrades very quickly. Regular use and exposure to light accelerates disintegration and this will eventually lead to the destruction of these valuable collections. Therefore, microfilm surrogates are available to readers in order to protect and preserve the original newspapers collection.

How can I look after my Family Papers?
Please consult our Caring for Family Papers FAQ?page.
A postcard from the Niall Murphy Postcard Collection.
A postcard from the Niall Murphy Postcard Collection.
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